Sunday, 1 May 2011

Assignment 4

Week 4: April 23rd 10:00am – 1:00pm (PST)
Instructor: Richard Anderson
Lecture/Demonstration: Illustration & Design. Richard will demonstrate his process of combining these two disciplines to create
more dynamic Illustrations.
Assignment: Create 5 book cover compositions that incorporate strong graphic design elements.

I had a particularily hard time grasping the methods we were shown in Richard's tutorial, My mind fought the use of previously created content and photos. As you will see though, the difference in quality is astounding between what my first few attempts and the final image I created are. There are so many photos of so many different places and things in the last piece it boggles my mind to see where I ended up. The colours and blending between all those photos is what lends a hand to creating that imaginative spark that latches on to a specific segment of that image. then the painting begins, taking colours, embellishing shapes and creating an image that had absolutely NOTHING to do with its individual pieces that made it come to life.

Assignment 3

Week 3: April 16th 10:00am – 1:00pm (PST)
Instructor: Thomas Scholes
Lecture/Demonstration: Creation & Ideation. Thomas will discuss the unique benefits of digital art that make creating images
easier and more efficient than ever. His demonstration will showcase advanced Photoshop techniques for image creation.
Assignment: Start at least 5 digital pieces using some of Thomas’s methods. Try and keep them spontaneous and unique from
one another. Spend no longer than 15 minutes on each piece, and make sure to start cataloging these in a W.I.P. folder that
you can revisit later.

I recieved an interesting paintover from one of the teachers on this last image, I quite like where he was going with it and was very happy to see he picked up on some of the things I wanted to spend time developing. Displayed below.

Assignment 2: Part 1

Assignment 2 Overview

Here is the outline to the week 2 proceedings.

Week 2: April 9th 10:00am – 1:00pm (PST)
Instructor: Matthew Barrett
Lecture/Demonstration: Matthew will discuss exploratory drawing and demonstrate his process of bringing building and vehicle
sketches to fully realized concepts.
Assignment: Create 10 building or vehicle sketches using some of Matthew’s design and rendering tips. Pick your favorite
sketch and finalize it with a focus on defining the different materials.

Matt gave us some great tips on the fundamentals of creating structures and vehicles. Unfortunately it took me most of the week to get things together in finding the right brushes and inspiration before I really felt things click. It's a bit of a recurring theme but I have confidence I'll start shaving down the time it takes to get to a sweeter spot artistically.